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Baseball and Science

It’s baseball season again! Although, really, the Northeast, it’s always baseball season. And what goes together with baseball better than science? Well, maybe beer, but here’s some science anyway, all from the ever wonderful New York Times.

In honor of opening day, computer-simulated baseball. (No, not fantasy baseball.)

This doctor has a unique empathy for her patients.

Babies are the glue that holds our society together, literally.

Database google searches, coming soon to a computer near you.

Ignorance really IS bliss.

Fat that burns calories!?

Why pride can be good, even if there’s not much to be proud about.

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More Evidence that Google is AWESOME!

More reasons to love Google, some great news about your energy bill, and more. Check it out in
this week’s BioBites!

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This Week’s BioBites: computers can predict your age… and drunkenness!

These days, biology is getting bigger and bigger. Instead of studying one gene, we can sequence whole genomes. Instead of studying specific changes to the composition of a cell, we can study all of them. All these experiments produce a lot of data, which is where computers come into the picture. With computers, you can find new ways to organize and analyze huge amounts of data in ways that the human brain could never handle on its own. As a result, the fields of biology and computer science are becoming more and more intertwined.

This week, among the other tasty BioBites, we bring you a report on software that can predict your age by scanning your face and a (less serious) story about a Google App that prevents you from drunk emailing your friends, your enemies and your ex.

Read this week’s BioBites!

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