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Baseball and Science

It’s baseball season again! Although, really, the Northeast, it’s always baseball season. And what goes together with baseball better than science? Well, maybe beer, but here’s some science anyway, all from the ever wonderful New York Times.

In honor of opening day, computer-simulated baseball. (No, not fantasy baseball.)

This doctor has a unique empathy for her patients.

Babies are the glue that holds our society together, literally.

Database google searches, coming soon to a computer near you.

Ignorance really IS bliss.

Fat that burns calories!?

Why pride can be good, even if there’s not much to be proud about.

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Wasps, like children, say no to strangers

Scientists have long thought that social awareness and cognition was a trait that was limited to large animals with complex brains. Turns out that it doesn’t require as much brain power as they originally thought – the simple paper wasp is able to recognize and remember other individuals and act on those memories accordingly.

I want more candy!
You’re lying, right?
My brain hurts!

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This Week’s BioBites: the end of the world, the personality of Massachusetts, and more!

This week in science has been quite busy. See what all those researchers have been up to!

Read this week’s BioBites!

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