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It’s hard to think about global warming when it’s 12 degrees

If it’s as cold where you are as it has been in Boston, global warming might not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s been a hot topic in science news this week. Read about this and more (including training bees and healing nerves) in…

…this week’s BioBites!


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A Historic Week!

This week in science can’t quite compare to the excitement in politics this week, but we’ll try by telling you a bit about the science of politics!

Read this week’s BioBites!

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To CNN or not to CNN, that is the question…

As the Democratic convention has finished up and the Republican one is getting ready to go, politics are on the mind of a lot of people. Are you one of them, or are you the type who couldn’t care less? Turns out that your genes could help decide if you plaster your car with political bumper stickers or don’t bother to turn out to vote.

I want more candy!
You’re lying, right?
My brain hurts!

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