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Dancing Scientists

You read that right. It’s a little bit scary and a little bit awesome. Many scientists recently participated in a contest to describe their work through dance. The scientists posted their videos on youtube, and a winner was chosen by a panel of both scientists and professional dancers. Here’s our personal favorite, performed by a group of grad students:

Read more about the competition and see the other winners here!


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Spotlight on research: What’s going on in those labs, anyway?

So some of you might be wondering what it’s like to work in a lab. Of course, some of you might think you know, since you watch CSI and all. Well, I’m here to tell you that working in a lab is just like CSI, except without the magical montages that allow them to do procedures that take a week in less than 30 seconds. And also without all the romantic drama. Oh, and also without those fancy glass projecto-monitors on all the walls. And, of course, without that part where your co-workers get kidnapped and/or shot every couple of months. So in summary, pretty much not at all.

Alright, what about those movies where they make crazy mutant creatures that take over the world… is it like that?

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