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Vengeful birds, an anti-cancer vitamin, new species, and more!

Say good-bye to Blu-ray. The CD of the future is coming soon.

Cancer protection in people with Down syndrome could someday lead to an anti-cancer vitamin.

That bird that keeps pooping on your head? It DOES have a grudge against you!

The top 10 new species of 2008, including a tiny seahorse and bacteria that live in hairspray (eww).

Eek! Time to switch from polycarbonate bottles to stainless steel. BPA really is as bad as they say.

What do owning an iPhone and going to Harvard have in common? According to this article, the desire to impress the opposite sex.

Photo by Adam Foster


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Tea, sharks, baboons, Chernobyl and more in this week’s BioBites!

A tea traditionally used in Africa may help control type-2 diabetes.

Network, network, network. It’s one of the best ways to be successful. Even if you’re a baboon.

How can plants manage to survive fallout from Chernobyl? Find out here!

You wouldn’t think a five-ton shark would be hard to find.

Nice guys don’t always finish last.

Intended to go running but didn’t quite make it? It doesn’t matter to your brain.

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

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Can you pay attention long enough for this week’s biobites?

Have trouble paying attention? Help may be on the way.

A genius’ epic failure is worth keeping.

Yeast are going to space.

Happy kids grow up to be healthy adults.

It may not be a space station, but Stephen Colbert gets something named after him.

Stoplights lead to healthier food choices

It turns out that babies are pretty smart.

10 billion times stronger than steel: it’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s star crust.

We aren’t the only ones to change the climate. Early microbes brought on the first ice age by producing oxygen, (which also allowed the evolution of eukaryotes… and millions of years later, humans).

Photo by Spigoo

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Coolest Science Website Ever (well, almost ever!)

This website pulls together many of the amazing science animations available on the web. These are great resources for learning, understanding, or even just some good old procrastination. Even when we Lucies don’t understand the videos, we still like watching them! In most cases if you want to know more the website can provide some basic information. And if you’re a scientist looking to create some of these amazing videos this website also has tons of free resources.

Check out one of the videos here and then visit the website for many more!

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