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Vengeful birds, an anti-cancer vitamin, new species, and more!

Say good-bye to Blu-ray. The CD of the future is coming soon.

Cancer protection in people with Down syndrome could someday lead to an anti-cancer vitamin.

That bird that keeps pooping on your head? It DOES have a grudge against you!

The top 10 new species of 2008, including a tiny seahorse and bacteria that live in hairspray (eww).

Eek! Time to switch from polycarbonate bottles to stainless steel. BPA really is as bad as they say.

What do owning an iPhone and going to Harvard have in common? According to this article, the desire to impress the opposite sex.

Photo by Adam Foster


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This Week’s BioBites: Good News at Last!

Well, while Wall Street falls apart, scientists have been busy figuring out everything from why we all want to punish those Wall Street brokers to better ways to detect Down’s syndrome. Hope these help take your mind off the economy!

This week’s BioBites!

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