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More Evidence that Google is AWESOME!

More reasons to love Google, some great news about your energy bill, and more. Check it out in
this week’s BioBites!


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Genetically engineered tomatoes are purple, contain antioxidants, not babies

This week, scientists from the UK have published a study describing how they genetically engineered a purple tomato enriched with antioxidants that could provide potent health benefits (see the links for a picture). This reminded me instantly of a paper I wrote back in college for a Science and Politics class about the irresponsibility of the Greenpeace campaign against genetically modified food. In my research, I came across a picture from their campaign of a fetus growing in a tomato (hint: this is completely ignorant and inflammatory). Since that was some time ago, I was worried I might not be able to find it to share with you, but luckily, Google remembers all things. So genetically modified foods – friend or foe? Or perhaps we could start with a little game called genetically modified food… fact or fiction?

I want more candy!
You’re lying, right?
My brain hurts!

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