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An upside to hyena dung

...because freedom costs a buck'o fiveHappy President’s Day, to those of you who got a day off! Our boss scheduled a meeting today, in spite of the holiday, so Lucy K. and I were busy slaving in the lab. In celebration of the holiday, some light science fare today.

Did you know…

…that hyena dung can preserve human hair for 200,000 years?

…that a famous actor is going to restart the Large Hadron Collider?

…that supersized calories are in our kitchens, not just at McDonald’s?

…that a green comet is passing by next week?

Photo courtesy of dean.franklin


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This Week’s BioBites: Stuffed with Thanksgiving goodness!

If you ate way too much Thanksgiving food, like I did, and you feel like you’re still lying around in a coma, you might be interested to know that the tryptophan actually ISN’T to blame. Want to know more?

Read this week’s Thanksgiving themed BioBites!

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