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Mary, Mary how does your fungus grow?

Think humans are the only farmers? Think again. Ants were gardening while we were still swinging from the trees. Only instead of corn, ants cultivate fungi. And unlike many humans’ gardens, the ants’ gardens are completely organic.

I want more candy!
You’re lying, right?
My brain hurts!


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This Week’s BioBites: KoalaMatch.com, armed fungus, and more

Though grad students are great procrastinators, we still have a finite amount of free time and science is moving pretty quickly these days. Consequently, we come across a whole lot of interesting stories during the week that we don’t have time to write about on our blog. So from now on we’ll be posting a list of links to cool articles in the media on a whole variety of topics that we think you’d enjoy. Starting with this week…
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