It’s hard to think about global warming when it’s 12 degrees

If it’s as cold where you are as it has been in Boston, global warming might not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s been a hot topic in science news this week. Read about this and more (including training bees and healing nerves) in…

…this week’s BioBites!

1.) A study published in Science and described in the NY Times and the LA Times shows that while parts of Antarctica are cooling, the rest of it appears to be warming like the rest of the world.

2.) Scientists also worry that global warming may be killing old trees in US forests.

3.) However, although many people in the US profess to care about global warming, polls indicate that in the spectrum of all political priorities, it ranks dead last.

4.) In other environmental news, scientists report that the brown haze over Southern Asia is caused by burning wood and other biomass, but not fossil fuels like oil and coal.

5.) In the wake of the plane crash in the Hudson, the investigators have been called in – including some scientists from the Smithsonian to identify the feathers.

6.) Think eating free-range chicken is more humane and healthier? Scientists warn that there may be a caveat.

7.) In spite of their tiny insect brains, scientists were able to train bees to do a complex task, much in the same way you’d train a dog… using tasty treats!

8.) Love video games? Here are some more reasons to put down that controller.

9.) A gene discovered in worms provides some insight into how we might be able to repair nerve damage in humans.

10.) In a different approach to nerve regeneration, the FDA has approved the first clinical trials of human stem cell therapy, which will attempt to repair nerve cells in patients with crushed spinal cords.

Photo provided by bettlebrox.


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