Don’t worry, be happy!

Happiness is contagious. Read about that and more in
this week’s BioBites!

1.) Happiness is contagious!

2.) Sugar is addictive. (So tell me something I don’t know!)

3.) Anxious mice provide a clue to why some people are more prone to stress.

4.) Coral is more than just pretty, it may also predict the next Sumatran earthquake.

5.) Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Check out Dad’s family.

6.) A lethal lint brush kills cancer cells. And you’ll just have to read more to find out how.

7.) Orangutans whistle. (Who knew?)

Photo by dhammza


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2 responses to “Don’t worry, be happy!

  1. Sandi

    Am loving this site – I find myself clicking on lots of the links to find out more!

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