This Week’s BioBites: aliens, housepets and amoebas (oh my!)

This week brings news about life in the universe and a scientific basis for the placebo effect, amongst other things. Want to learn more?

Read this week’s BioBites!

1.) Dogs are efficient and cats are creepy, shows a new study. (Disclaimer: Lucy Q is a dog person. Lucy K, a cat person, may have used a widely different headline.)

2.) Doesn’t it seem like some people are more susceptible to psychosomatic effects than others? It could be because the placebo effect has a genetic link.

3.) New approaches to looking at police DNA databases could leave you busted if you’re related to a known criminal. But is it constitutional, wonders the LA Times?

4.) During your holiday travels, just remember, scientists have come up with a promising new treatment for jetlag.

5.) Beware people peddling stem cell treatments. Right now there’s no oversight of bogus stem cell clinics in a lot of countries.

6.) Scientists come up with some new evidence that we’re not alone in the universe.

7.) Amoeba mobsters? Check out the video.

8.) Do you love adventure or routine? Scientists find that your preference is wired into your brain

9.) A new development on genetically modified food: a panel has determined that Africa cannot afford to reject new technologies.

10.) In an amazing medical development, a teen survives four months without a heart!

Photo by cpwillsea


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