This Week’s BioBites: Stuffed with Thanksgiving goodness!

If you ate way too much Thanksgiving food, like I did, and you feel like you’re still lying around in a coma, you might be interested to know that the tryptophan actually ISN’T to blame. Want to know more?

Read this week’s Thanksgiving themed BioBites!

1.) Turns out it’s not the tryptophan from the turkey that makes you sleepy, a new study shows, it’s the carbs.

2.) ABC News points out that this could, of course, be related to the fact that Thanksgiving, like most things in America, is supersized these days.

3.) As you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving leftovers, you might want to keep in mind that a new report has shown that the bad cholesterol slows down fat breakdown. (Not that this will stop me from digging into that leftover stuffing pot.)

4.) Need some more post holiday guilt? Science American points out that on Black Friday, you might want to think about what all those video games you’re buying mean for your carbon footprint.

5.) For those of you watching Thanksgiving football, you might be interested to know that there may be a new super steroid out there – viagra.

6.) If you love Thanksgiving as much as I do, you might be suffering from post-dinner sadness. Don’t worry, Scientific American offers something to keep your mind off it: a special series of articles on the science of Thanksgiving.

7.) And finally, one non-Thanksgiving themed tidbit that was too amazing to pass up… watch a 60 Minutes newsclip about how an artifical brain implant allows a man paralyzed by ALS to speak.

Photo by mdpNY

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