Jurassic Park, Designer Organs, and a Single-Celled Giant!

This week in science (as usual) is full of all kinds of cool stories and amazing discoveries! Scientists have managed to grow a new windpipe from stem cells, decode the genome of the mammoth, find the oldest family, and more!

Read this week’s BioBites!

1.) Doctors have grown a windpipe from a woman’s own stem cells and successfully transplanted it back into the woman!

2.) Is Jurassic Park for real? Could mammoths be making a comeback?

3.) What may be the oldest nuclear family was recently found.

4.) The strangest organisms come out of the ocean. Including a single-celled giant.

5.) For more ocean weirdness check out this video of the development of a sea biscuit from the pharyngula blog.

6.) Sometimes not knowing is worse than bad news.

7.) It’s not just DNA. Genetics is getting more and more complicated.

8.) Living healthy now but planning to party it up in your old age? Think again.

9.) A new vaccine for some (5%) skin cancers may be coming, but you still have to stay out of the sun.

10.) Science has done an amazing job extending life span, but religion still plays a VERY large role.

Photo by rpongsaj


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