A Historic Week!

This week in science can’t quite compare to the excitement in politics this week, but we’ll try by telling you a bit about the science of politics!

Read this week’s BioBites!

1.) The New York Times reports on the psychology of voting. (You may need to login, but it’s free.)

2.) What Obama’s election might mean for science.

3.) If you are a female politician it pays to be pretty.

4.) Just a little more info on those french fruit flies. (See the original post here.)

And now moving on to other random science information for the week…

5.) Ever wanted to know exactly how many hairs are on your head? Now you can!

6.) As scientists continue to search for alternative fuels they’ve found a rainforest fungus that makes diesel!

7.) The science of origami.

8.) Cosmo, Redbook, Glamour. All those beautiful models have a negative effect not only on women but on men too!

9.) Scientists at MIT, my alma mater, have made a tiny backpack for cells.

10.) Climate change may be slowed by mushrooms? Check it out.

Photo by jmtimages


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