This Week’s BioBites: Trick or treat!

In honor of Halloween, we hope you enjoy our goody bag of scientific treats, including a couple of pieces of advice for everyone’s favorite costumed holiday!

Read this week’s BioBites!

1.) According to a study in the journal PLoS One, lack of sleep can make you invent false memories.

2.) Also from PLoS one, it’s a good thing that my mom made me practice the piano when I was younger, even though I hated it, because playing an instrument as a child enhances your verbal and reasoning skills.

3.) ScienceDaily reports that red actually does enhance men’s attraction to women – so wear that devil’s costume, ladies!

4.) Oranges – a great source of vitamin C… AND a cleaner for industrial waste water? From ScienceDaily.

5.) From the NY Times, scientists take pictures of invisible things, like coughs, gas leaks and the heat from a candle. Read the article or check out the slideshow of images.

6.) Would you like to live in 80 degree celsius acid? A study described at e!Science News reveals that some species need hot acid to reproduce.

7.) Vampire bats may suck your blood, but the Discovery Channel reports on a new study that shows they’re the von Trapps of the bat world.

8.) Scientists have discovered the “hate circuit” – the part of your brain that is activated when you hate something.

9.) Looking forward to Trick-or-Treating? You might want to think again about eating all that high fructose corn syrup laden candy, says NY Times blogger Tara Parker-Pope

10.) And finally, an update from last week: see for yourself how scotch tape produces X-rays in a slide show from the NY Times.

Photo by wchuang


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