This Week’s BioBites: Good News at Last!

Well, while Wall Street falls apart, scientists have been busy figuring out everything from why we all want to punish those Wall Street brokers to better ways to detect Down’s syndrome. Hope these help take your mind off the economy!

This week’s BioBites!

1.) If you’re up on your celebrity news then you know that Christina Applegate’s breast cancer was detected by a new method that may soon be more common.

2.) It may seem obvious, but now it’s scientifically proven, obese diners behave differently at Chinese buffets.

3.) Hey boys, turns out being nice to your girl can make you happy, at least, if you’re a bird.

4.) Why do we want to punish Wall Street? It’s all evolution.

5.) Finding patterns in chaos.

6.) Frogs without lungs?!

7.) A new blood test makes testing for Down’s syndrome much safer.

Photo provided by law_keven

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