This Week’s Biobites: artificial noses, amazing science images, and more!

Lucy Q. reporting from her sick bed couch where she is thoroughly investigating all the best links for you… as well as her TiVo’ed episode of Gossip Girl.

PS – Think you know what the picture at right is? I bet you’re wrong!

Read this week’s BioBites!

1.) Wondering how big your carbon footprint is? TierneyLab at the NY Times unveils details about a gizmo for your phone that uses GPS to track your carbon usage by movement and will be available soon.

2.) Worried about finding a mate with a good MHC match? Check out where, for a saliva sample and a mere $1000, you can find one!

3.) As reported by e! Science News, a new study shows that HIV has been around longer than we thought – since about 1900.

4.) Also from e! Science news: eating too much is bad for your brain.

5.) The Discovery Channel reports from across the Charles River at MIT, where they were able to create smell receptors in the lab. Someday this could lead to artifical noses that could detect things like drugs, explosives and cancer!

6.) Ring a bell and a dog moth salivates?

7.) Having problems with your teenage son? Maybe he has a mutation in his DAT1 gene, as reported by

8.) Check out the amazing images that won this year’s National Geographic Best Science Images awards.

9.) Word associations with the word organic? Farming. Food. TVs?

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