This Week’s BioBites: the end of the world, the personality of Massachusetts, and more!

This week in science has been quite busy. See what all those researchers have been up to!

Read this week’s BioBites!

1.) E Science News reports on why if your child is under 12 there’s no sense in criticizing.

2.) The reason your cell phone mysteriously stops working. E Science News reports.

3.) More from E Science News. Detecting cancer in a urine sample.

4.) And just one more from E Science News. Surviving climate change.

5.) reports on new species of coral found.

6.) The New York Times discusses why the end of the world will have to wait another year.

7.) The New York Times also tells us why we’re losing islands to hurricanes.

8.) Science News expounds on how men and women’s brains age differently.

9.) Science News cautions that not all cancer trials are being published.

10.) Science Journal explains how more fat helps you… lose weight? (If it sounds too good to be true it probably is)

11.) Complex society demands flexibility. (Surprise, surprise) Science Journal reports.

12.) Could you recognize your friends by their behind? Chimps can. New Scientist tells us how.

13.) Wall Street Journal explains: Could where you live influence your personality? Cool interactive map!

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